College of Science & Engineering

Getting Involved

How can students get involved?

Students are encouraged to contact your undergraduate advisor or the department chair to learn about internship and research opportunities. You may also contact faculty who are currently involved in projects at the TDC for guidance.

How can industry get involved?

There are two approaches depending on the scope of the project:

1) R&D partnerships and other long-term projects (typically involving grant funding) are administered through WWU's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.

2) Projects of limited scope and duration are handled directly by the TDC.

We welcome you to contact us for any of the following:

  • Tours
  • Requesting more information about the TDC
  • Providing more information about potential projects

Who do I contact?

Nicole Hoekstra
Plastics & Composites Engineering Professor
Technology Development Center Director
(360) 650-7237