Advising Electrical Engineering

It is strongly recommended new students seek early advising with our department pre-major advisor, because the program has a strong prerequisite structure and courses are only offered once per year. Students must initially declare as a Pre-Major (in ET204) in order to register for courses in the Engineering & Design department. Students interested in pursuing the EE program must complete a set of prerequisite coursework (see Admissions) as a pre-major before they can apply for acceptance as a full major in the program. EE faculty are also available for general program and career advising.

For more advising information, contact:

Lisa Ochs
Pre-major Advisor
360.650.4132; ET204

Todd Morton
Professor, EE Program Director
360.650.2918; ET204/206

Advising and Registration Resources

Electrical Engineering Course Planning Guides 2017-2018 Academic Year
Electrical Concentration:   EE-Electronics2017-18
Energy Concentration:  EE-Energy2017-18
Electrical Engineering Course Planning Guides 2016-2017 Academic Year
Electronics Concentration:   EE-Electronics- Planning 2016-17
Energy Concentration:     EE-Energy- Planning Guide 2016-17
Pre-requisite Flow Diagrams
Electronics Concentration   Electronics
Energy Concentration    Energy
Electrical Engineering Program General Information

Recommended Pre-major Courses Year 1

Not completing these courses year 1 will lengthen the time to graduation and a student should seek advising
*Coureses are required to apply to the major at the end of Spring Quarter
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Year 1
MATH 124* MATH 125* MATH 204*
PHYS 161* PHYS 162* PHYS 163
CHEM 121 EE 110* EE 111*
  CSCI 140 or 141*