Advising Electrical Engineering

It is strongly recommended new students seek early advising with our department pre-major advisor, because the program has a strong prerequisite structure and courses are only offered once per year. Students must initially declare as a pre-major (in ET204) in order to register for courses in the Engineering & Design department. Students interested in pursuing the EE program must complete a set of prerequisite coursework (see Admissions) as a pre-major before they can apply for acceptance as a full major in the program. EE faculty are also available for general program and career advising.

Contact Information

Lisa Ochs
Pre-major Advisor
360.650.4132; ET204

Todd Morton
Professor, EE Program Director
360.650.2918; ET204/206

Advising and Registration Resources

Plans of Study - Electrical Engineering 2017-2018
Pre-requisite Flow Diagrams
Electrical Engineering Program General Information

Recommended Pre-major Courses Year 1

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Year 1
MATH 124* MATH 125* MATH 204*
PHYS 161* PHYS 162* PHYS 163
CHEM 161 EE 110* EE 111*
  CSCI 140 or 141*  
Students who do not complete MATH 124 and PHYS 161 by the end of fall quarter Year 1, will not be able to complete the degree in four years and should seek advising.
*Coureses are required to apply to the major at the end of Spring Quarter