Advising Industrial Design

As with all programs in the Engineering & Design Department, it is strongly recommended new students seek early advising with our department Pre-Major Advisor. The Industrial Design program requires students to submit an Entrance Portfolio in order to be admitted as a pre-major for ID. Students cannot register for ID courses until they have been accepted as a pre-major. Visit the Admissions page for detailed information on this process. 

Contact Information

Lisa Ochs
Pre-major Advisor
360.650.4132; ET204

Jason Morris
Professor, ID Program Director
360.650.2514; ET335

Arunas Oslapas
Professor, Industrial Design
360.650.3425; ET337

Advising and Registration Resources

Recommended Courses for ID Pre-Majors

Students must submit an Entrance Portfolio and be accepted as an ID pre-major. ID courses are restricted to pre-majors.  See Admissions for portfolio information.

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Year 1
ID 110 ART 109 ENGR 104
ID 120 MATH 115* GUR: ACOM
    GUR: HUM

*Depending on Math Placement Test, students have to either complete Math 114 & 115 or Math 118

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Year 2
ID 210 ID 220 ID 230
ID 310 ID 320 ID 130
PHYS 114 PHYS 115 ECON 206

Sophomore Portfolio Review see Admissions for details

  • End of winter quarter students present work they have produced as a pre-major
  • Students must complete the following courses in BOLD from Year 1 and 2 with a C- or better, to apply for the review:
    • ENGR 104, ART 109, MATH 115 or MATH 118, PHYS 114,  ID 110, ID 120, ID 210, ID 310, and ID 220
  • 12 majors accepted per year