Advising Manufacturing Engineering

As with all programs in the Engineering & Design Department, it is strongly recommended that new students seek early advising with our department Pre-Major Advisor. Students must initially declare as a pre-major in order to register for courses in the Engineering & Design department. Students interested in pursuing the Manufacturing program must complete a set of prerequisite coursework (below) as a pre-major before they can apply for acceptance as a full major in the program. Students should meet with the Advisor for course advising as a pre-major.

For major application requirements and due dates see Admissions section.

Contact Information

Lisa Ochs
Pre-major Advisor
360.650.4132; ET204


Derek Yip-Hoi
Associate Professor, MFGE Program Director
360.650.7236; ET309


Advising and Registration Resources

Recommended Courses for Pre-majors Year 1 & 2

Time to graduation could be lengthened if a student doesn't take MATH 124 & 125 during year 1.  Students should seek advising early.
* Required courses to apply to the major
Year 1
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
CHEM 161* MATH 125* MATH 224*
MATH 124* PHYS 161* PHYS 162
GUR ENGR 104* ENGR 170*


Year 2
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter (apply to major) Spring Quarter (major courses)
ENGR 214* CSCI 140 MFGE 231
PHYS 163 ENGR 225 MFGE 261
MATH 204 MATH 331 MATH 345