College of Science & Engineering

Admissions FAQ

Does the Electrical Engineering department offer direct admission to the major?

There is no direct admissions into the EE major. Students must first be accepted to Western, then declare as a pre-major to begin taking Year 1 foundation courses. Typically, freshman spend one year at WWU as a pre-major in Electrical Engineering completing the required foundational courses before they are ready to apply.  Transfer students should speak with the pre-major advisor to determine readiness to transfer and apply to the major.

When are major applications due? Do transfer students apply at the same time as WWU students?

The EE program accepts major applications twice a year, at the end of spring quarter and the beginning of fall quarter.  Those accepted into the EE program begin major courses fall quarter. Transfer students who have completed the minimum requirements apply at the same time as current students. It is acceptable to currently be enrolled in some of the required courses at the time of application.  General EE Admissions information about the application and requirements are here.

Is there a GPA requirement to be accepted into the Electrical Engineering program?

Students must have a 2.0 or higher in the prerequisite courses to be eligible to apply.  Everyone who has met the minimum requirements will be considered.  However, admission is competitive, and admitted students have strong grades in the prerequisite courses. The average GPA of admitted students usually varies between 3.3-3.7 in the prerequisite courses.  This is a historical average GPA range based on past applicant pools and is not a cut-off GPA. 

Does the committee consider anything besides GPA?

The committee looks at academic performance and answers to a questionnaire about experiences, motivation, and goals.  While grades are very important the committee looks at each applicant as a whole and individually.

How many applicants are admitted into each concentration? What is the acceptance rate?

Starting Fall 2017 the EE program will admit 36 students into the major each year: approximately 24 Electronics Concentration students and 12 Energy Concentration students. This is an increase of 6 students from previous years.  Approximately 50% of all applicants were accepted during the past two academic years. This includes both the spring and fall application periods. The applicant numbers vary widely from year to year and many students apply more than once.  Generally, more students apply in the spring, but the standards are about the same for fall and spring quarters.

If I am not admitted the first time, can I reapply? 

Students who are not admitted into the EE program, are encouraged to get advice from the pre-major advisor about next steps.  The advisor can help you decide if reapplying makes sense.  Students are also encouraged to explore other engineering degrees and/or minors offered at WWU. 

Are there special admission procedures for minority or female students?

No. All applicants are reviewed and admitted according to the same standards.  It is illegal to consider race or gender in any admissions or hiring decisions for any program at any public school in the State of Washington. No preference is given to anyone based on gender or race.

If I am accepted into the EE program, can I attend part-time?

The EE major is a full-time program and courses are taught during the day.  Students who are in the EE major should plan to carry a full credit load every quarter.  Special circumstances in which a student does not attend full-time would have to be addressed with the program committee and approved on a case-by-case basis.

Who can I contact with questions about Admissions to Electrical Engineering and/or other majors in the Engineering & Design Department?

Lisa Ochs
Pre-major Advisor
ET 204