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Admissions - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Student poses at a lab benchAdmission to the Electrical and Computer Engineering major, both Electronics and Energy concentrations, is a two-phase process. After acceptance to WWU, students first declare as a Pre-major when they begin courses at WWU. Declaration can be completed in ET 204. Pre-majors must complete a set of foundational courses in math, physics, programming and engineering principles in order to apply to the full major. The required list of foundational courses are listed below. Depending on when students are able to begin calculus, pre-majors can complete the foundational courses in 3 quarters. Some of the foundational courses may be taken at a community college or other institutions. See Transfer Students for more information. Upper division courses, which begin in year 2, are restricted to students who have been accepted to the full major. Additional information and answers to frequently asked questions is available here.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Major Admissions and Requirements

The Electrical and Computer Engineering program only starts new majors every fall quarter.  Applications are accepted at the end of spring quarter and the beginning of fall quarter only. Application information is below. Admission to full major status is determined by academic performance as a pre-major as well as other factors including an application questionnaire about the applicant's experience, motivation, and goals. Admission to the major is competitive. Neither completion of the prerequisites nor attainment of any specific GPA guarantees admission.

Students must obtain a C- or above in the following courses and an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher to be considered. AP scores are converted to GPA as follows: 5 = A; 4 = B; 3 = C. Decisions are based primarily on cumulative GPA in the prerequisite courses, however successful completion of other required Major courses, GPA in the major, and overall GPA are also considerations. The required coursework is the same for both the Energy and the Electronics Concentrations.

Minimum requirements:

  • EE 110 - Intro to Electrical Engineering*
  • EE 111 - Circuit Analysis I
  • CSCI 140 or 141 - Programming Fundamentals in C++ or Java
  • MATH 124 - Calculus I**
  • MATH 125 - Calculus II
  • MATH 204 - Linear Algebra
  • PHYS 161 - Physics w/ Calculus I**
  • PHYS 162- Physics w/ Calculus II
*For transfer students, EE 110 course may be waived as a required course for admissions, but must be taken during the first Winter quarter at WWU.
**If students don't complete MATH 124 and PHYS 161 by the end of fall quarter, they will not be able to complete the degree in four years.


Additional courses required for the major which students are encouraged to complete prior to applying:

  • PHYS 163 - Physics w/ Calculus III
  • MATH 224 - Multivariable Calculus
  • MATH 331 - Differential Equations
  • MATH 345 - Engineering Statistics
  • CHEM 161 - General Chemistry I

Contact information

Lisa Ochs, Pre-major Advisor

To Apply - Electrical and Computer Engineering (both Energy and Electronics Concentrations)

The spring application is closed. Only complete and on-time applications will be considered. Required courses may be in progress at the time of application.  Final grades in those courses are necessary to complete the application. Applicants will be notified of decisions by email before the end of June, after final grades are posted.  Accepted students will start major courses the following fall quarter.

Applications will include a required questionnaire.  The questionnaire will ask about the applicant's goals, demonstrated leadership experiences, collaboration and teamwork examples, strategies for studying, and ability to overcome adversity. 
The Fall 2020 application is due September 11, 2020. 
Required questionnaire - upload to the application
Accepted students will be notified by the start of Phase III registration and will begin major courses the same quarter. There is a limited number of spaces available during this application period.  For questions, please contact the Pre-major Advisor

Transfer Students:  Transfer students who have successfully passed or are currently taking the pre-requisite courses listed above may apply to the EE major during the spring or fall application. Students must first be accepted to the university.  An incoming transfer student, who has not yet completed the pre-requisite coursework will be designated as an EE pre-major and will need to follow the standard application process at the next available opportunity. Transfer students who are interested in pursuing the EE program should contact the Pre-major Advisor early to discuss their options. Additional transfer student information.


Embedded Systems Minor - Requirements and Application

Admission to the Embedded Systems minor is a two-phase process. Students must complete the courses listed below in order to apply to the minor. Admission to minor status is determined by academic performance in these courses and other factors. Admission to the minor is competitive. Neither completion of the prerequisites nor attainment of any specific GPA guarantees admission. The Embedded Systems minor is not available to Electrical and Computer Engineering majors.
Minor Prerequisite courses: MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 204, PHYS 161, PHYS 162, and CSCI 140 or CSCI 141. Students must obtain at least a C- in the above courses and an overall GPA in them of 2.0 or higher to be considered. AP scores are converted to GPA as follows: 5 = A; 4 = B; 3 = C. Decisions are based primarily on cumulative GPA in the prerequisite courses, but successful completion of other required Minor courses, GPA in a Major, and overall GPA are also considerations.
University Course Catalog - Embedded Systems Minor

To Apply

Embedded Systems applications are accepted during winter quarter only.  Submit completed applications to the Engineering Department Office (ET 204) or by email to on the first Friday in February.