CSE Advancement Board


Board Purpose

The College of Science and Engineering Leadership Board provides an opportunity for alumni and supporters of Western Washington University’s College of Science and Engineering to become better acquainted with the College, to help connect the College to spheres of influence in the community and the professions, and to use their influence and resources to promote its future success.  Board members serve as advocates for the College and assist the Dean in securing support for its programs of undergraduate and graduate education, enhancement and excellence for faculty and students, and outreach to the community.

Board Objectives

The specific objectives of the Board are:

  • To assist the Dean in promoting the College of Science and Engineering, both within and outside the University, in its role as a central academic unit of the University and as a leader in science, mathematics and technology education.
  • To advocate for increased local, State, and Federal support for the University and the College.
  • To advise and assist the Dean in obtaining financial support for the College from private, corporate, and foundation donors.
  • To identify and evaluate opportunities and challenges for the College and its faculty and students, and be prepared to advise and advocate for these when appropriate.
  • To support the College mission and its development efforts towards enhancing and initiating programs within the College and the University community.