College of Science & Engineering

Internet Studies Center (ISC)

The Internet Studies Center offers courses and certificates in web development that help WWU students leverage the value of their four-year and graduate degrees. Students who complete one of the three ISC certificates will receive an industry certified certificate in conjunction with their WWU degree.

ISC Certificates

E-commerce Developer: This track is designed for students interested in building database driven web sites and e-commerce applications.

Web Content Developer: A flexible option for students from a variety of backgrounds interested in providing web content.

Web Programmer: Targeted primarily at computer science majors and other students interested in technical programming using Java.


WWU students have been enhancing their degrees with the ISC's industry developed curriculum since 1999. Students who have earned ISC certificates have pursued a wide variety of both technical and non-technical careers. See about the ISC for more information.

To enroll or find out more about the ISC program, please contact Mary Hall (ISC Advisor) or Dr. James Hearne (Interim ISC Director),