Whiteboard Coders

Our friendly club members work together in groups to solve common coding quandaries and build our skills outside the lab. Groups are randomly assigned at the beginning of meetings, and everyone's code or approach to a problem is discussed at the end. This gives everyone insights into how different people solve the same problem. Don't be intimidated - we welcome new members of all skill levels.


Website: https://orgsync.com/154309/chapter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteboardCoders/

How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted from incoming freshmen from December to March. New CS/M Scholars will be selected by mid-April.

Please check back for a link to applications in December.

Who can I contact for more information?

Professor of Computer Science: Perry Fizzano | Perry.Fizzano@wwu.edu

Professor of Mathematics: David Hartenstine | David.Hartenstine@wwu.edu

Program Coordinator: Katelynn Manz | Katelynn.Manz@wwu.edu