Registration & Major Declaration

Winter 2018 Registration Phase I begins Nov. 14-30.

Keep track of important dates and deadlines by visiting information about registration on the WWU Registrar page.

Declaring the CS major? Need to register for major-level classes next term?

Students should apply to the CS major at mid-term of the quarter they are in the last of CSCI 241, 247 and 301.

Application Deadlines:

Winter 2018: Applications are due by 5 PM October 20

Spring 2018: Applications are due by 5 PM February 2

Fall 2018: Applications are due by 5 PM April 20 (students finishing requirements in summer need to declare by this date to register for fall MJ level classes).

You will need to have your  complete application in on time in order to get access to register for major-restricted courses. Submit all application materials to Mary Hall in CF 459 by 5 PM of the deadline. Application forms and Major Declaration cards are available outside of CF 459.