How to Prepare for Registration

Know the Major Requirements:

Catalog Copy for BS in Computer Science

Find Classes You Need and Stay On Track for Graduation with Degree Works:

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Determine classes that you need, and put together a schedule.

Connect with your advisor

Attend a pre-registration advising session

Apply to the Major

Apply to the major as soon as you are eligible. Apply early in the quarter when you are enrolled in the last of these classes: CSCI 241, 247, 301. 

Submit the major application to undergraduate advisor, Mary Hall, CF 459.

CS Major Application Deadlines for 2017-2018:

Winter 2017: October 20, 2017 --- Apply by 5 PM

Spring 2018: February 2, 2018 --- Apply by 5 PM

Fall 2018: April 20, 2018 --- Apply by 5 PM

Applications, Major Declaration cards, and Override Request forms are available outside of CF 459.

Register as soon as you are eligible

Registration Schedule