How to Prepare for Registration

Know the major requirements

Catalog Copy for BS in Computer Science

Run your Degree Evaluation in Web4U

On-line Degree Evaluation Instructions

Determine classes that you need, and put together a schedule.

Connect with your advisor

Attend a pre-registration advising session

Apply to the Major

Apply to the major as soon as you are eligible. Apply at mid-quarter when you are enrolled in the last of these classes: CSCI 241, 247, 301. 

Submit the major application to undergraduate advisor, Mary Hall, CF 459. Be aware you will need overrides to major-restricted classes for one quarter after applying to major, so apply by the deadline.

CS Major Application Deadlines for 2016-2017:

Winter 2017: October 21, 2016 --- Apply by 5 PM

Spring 2017: February 2, 2017 --- Apply by 5 PM

Fall 2017: April 21, 2017 --- Apply by 5 PM

Applications, Major Declaration cards, and Override Request forms are available outside of CF 459.

Register as soon as you are eligible

Registration Schedule