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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact at Western Washington University (WWU) for more information about the Cybersecurity degree?


For advising related to the program and course content, contact:

WWU Bellingham Campus transfer:

Laura Ghan, Program Advisor & Coordinator   |  360.650.2863

WWU Poulsbo Campus transfer:

Crystal Cline, Program Coordinator & Advisor   |  360.394.2707


What are the requirements to transfer to WWU’s Cybersecurity program?


While not a guarantee of acceptance into the program, students must:

  1. Complete an AAS-T, AAS, or ATA in the following degree programs with the corresponding Washington State Community College partnerships:


  • Bellingham Technical College: AAS-T in Computer Networking- Computer Programming Track
  • Edmonds Community College: ATA in Cyber Defense and Digital Forensics
  • Green River College: AAS-T in Information Technology-Systems and Security
  • Highline College: AAS in Network Security Engineer or AAS in Digital Forensics & Investigations
  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology: AAS in Computer Security and Network Technology
  • Olympic College: AAS-T in Information Technology-Security
  • Peninsula College:  AAS-T in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics
  • Whatcom Community College: AAS-T Degree in Cybersecurity


  1. Achieve a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5
  2. Complete CSCI 141, CSCI 145, and MATH 124, or recognized equivalents


I already graduated from one of the Washington State Community College’s listed with a similar degree. Can I apply to WWU’s Cybersecurity program?


While other similar degrees such as an AS in Computer Science, Information Technology or Computer Information Systems may have courses in common with our partner's Associates degree programs, the specific approved Associates Degree must be earned in order to be eligible to transfer into the WWU Cybersecurity Bachelor of Science degree program.

For additional information on how to proceed, contact the corresponding WWU academic advisor:
WWU Poulsbo Campus: Crystal Cline – 360.394.2733 |
WWU Bellingham Campus: Laura Ghan – 360.650.2863 |

When can I apply into WWU’s Cybersecurity program?


The Western program is targeted to enroll an initial cohort of students beginning each Fall quarter. Applications for the Bellingham program are due by March 1.  Applications for the Poulsbo program are due by June 1.



How do I apply to WWU’s Cybersecurity program?


You will need to apply for both Admission to WWU and to the Cybersecurity Program as outlined on the Admissions page.



How will I know if I have been accepted into WWU’s Cybersecurity program?


Applicants will be notified in writing of the WWU admissions decision. The majority of decisions are made within six weeks after the application deadline.


Is financial aid available?


Yes, students in the Cybersecurity program are eligible for financial aid. We strongly encourage all applicants to submit a FAFSA application WWU’s priority deadline is January 31.  For additional questions about WWU financial aid, please visit the financial aid website, call 360.650.3470, or email



I can earn a good living with just the AAS-T degree from my college. What is the benefit of continuing on to complete the Cybersecurity B.S. degree?


True, with successful completion of an AAS-T in Cybersecurity, you may be eligible for employment in mid-level positions with wages that start at $26.60/hour and up, or $55,328/year. However, with the Cybersecurity Bachelor of Science degree, you are more likely to be eligible for advanced positions that pay $40.81/hour and up, or $84,885/year. That’s a difference of almost $30,000 in earning potential per year!