College of Science & Engineering

CS Mentors Program

Mentor hours: 4-7 PM Monday-Friday. 

Students requesting help must submit their question on the CS Mentor website, and join the Mentor Hours Zoom call to receive help. When a student joins the call, they will be put into a waiting room until a mentor is available to help them, and then they will be put into a breakout room to receive tutoring. A student who has not submitted their question on the website and joined the Zoom call may not receive help. The link to the Zoom call can be found below or on the CS Mentor website.


Zoom meeting:

Any questions can be emailed to


A flier for the Computer Science drop in Mentoring Hours, 4 to 7 pm, Monday through Friday in C F 162 and 164.




A flier to get involved as a mentor. Must have completed premajor CS classes and is a great opportunity to reinforce your learning and build your resume. If interested contact w w u c s dot mentors at