College of Science & Engineering

Cybersecurity Contacts

Western Washington University

For advising related to the Western Washington University program and course content, contact:

WWU Bellingham Campus:

Laura Ghan, Program Advisor & Coordinator​

WWU Poulsbo Campus:

Crystal Cline, Program Advisor & Coordinator


Our Partner Colleges

For advising related to our partner colleges' programs and course content, contact:

Bellingham Technical College:

AAS-T in Computer Networking- Computer Programming Track at Bellingham Technical College

Program contact: Mike Massey, (360) 752-8368,


Whatcom Community College:

AAS-T Degree in Cybersecurity at Whatcom Community College

Program contact: Tyler Ciokiewicz, (360) 383-3281,


Edmonds Community College:

ATA Degree in Cyber Defense and Digital Forensics at Edmonds Community College

Program contacts:

  • Mike Andrew, (425) 640-1099,
  • Steve Hailey, (425) 640-1377,

Green River College:

AAS-T Degree in Information Technology-Systems and Security at Green River College

Program contact: Krish Mahadevan, (253) 833-9111, ext. 4311,


Highline College:

AAS Degree in Network Security Engineer or AAS Degree in Digital Forensics & Investigations at Highline College

Program contact: Chun Yu, (206) 592-3194,

Lake Washington Institute of Technology:

AAS Degree in Computer Security and Network Technology

Program contact: Andrew Fischer, (425) 739-8313,

Olympic College:

AAS-T Degree in Information Technology- Security at Olympic College

Program contacts:

  • Richard Becker, (360) 475-7370,
  • Kevin Blackwell, (360) 475-7379,
  • Amelia Garripoli, (360) 475-7588,

Peninsula College:

AAS-T Degree in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics at Peninsula College.

Program contact: Eric Waterkotte, (360) 417-6270,