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Susan DeBari

Undergraduate Student Research

Recent Undergraduate Senior Theses

Larissa Sleeper (Fall 2018) Chemical and Morphological Variance in Vitriclastic Shards from IODP Site U1437: Inferences about Source Regions and Eruptive Mechanisms. Read and download senior thesis here:

Maria Vasin (Spring 2018) - Mount Baker Basalt Mineral Textures and Chemistry: Probes into Magma Reservoir Processes: Read and download senior thesis here: PDF icon Vasin_SeniorThesis18.pdf

Erin Benson (Spring 2016) - Using clinopyroxene mineral chemistry to decipher magma compositional changes over 13 million years in the Izu-Bonin volcanic arc. Read and download senior thesis here: PDF icon Benson_Thesis.pdf

Read and download poster presentation here: