College of Science & Engineering

Susan DeBari

Scientific Reports (non-peer reviewed)

Tamura, Y, Busby, C.J., Blum, P., and the Expedition 350 Scientists (2015Izu Bonin Mariana Rear Arc, Proceedings of the international Ocean Discovery Program, Volume 350, (includes 4 citable reports)

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DeBari, S.M., P. Ruprecht, S. Straub, (2013Workshop Report “Ultra-Deep Drilling Into Arc Crust: Genesis of Continental Crust in Volcanic Arcs” Waikoloa, Hawaii, September 18-21, 2012, GeoPrisms Newsletter, v. 30, p. 14-17.  (

Tamura Y., S. M. DeBari, J. Gill, S. Kodaira, (2013Workshop report: Ultradeep drilling into arc crust – genesis of continental crust in volcanic arcs, 70 pages. (