College of Science & Engineering

Susan DeBari

Science Education curricular materials

Geology and Everyday Thinking. Guided inquiry curriculum for non science majors (with 7 other authors), 319 pages (to be submitted for publication in 2019)

Acevedo-Gutierrez, A., E. Borda, S. DeBari, D. Donovan, S. Linneman (2016A Learning Cycle Approach to Guided Inquiry in a Four-Course Interdisciplinary Science Series. Innovative Teaching Showcase, 2015-2016, Western Washington University. ISSN:2374-9415. (authors in alphabetical order)

DeBari, S.M, K. Gray, J. Monet (2015) Interactions between Water, Earth’s Surface, and Human Activity, InTeGrate’s Earth-focused Modules and Courses for the Undergraduate Classroom,