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Susan DeBari

Graduate Student Research

Recent M.S. Theses

Cassi King (in progress)

Kim Wurth (2019) Clinopyroxene trace element chemistry as a proxy for magma compositional variation in the Izu Bonin rear-arc over the last 14 million years. Read and download thesis here:

Luan Heywood (2018) - Diversity and petrogenesis of rhyolites from an intra-oceanic arc:  Evidence from IODP site U1437, Izu Bonin rear-arc and surrounding area. Read and download thesis here:

Rebecca Morris (Summer 2017) - Building Arc Crust – Plutonic to Volcanic Connections in an Extensional Island Arc, the Alisitos Arc Crustal Section (Southern Rosario Segment), Baja California. Read and download thesis here:

Ricardo Escobar (2016) - Mineral Complexities as Evidence for Open-System Processes in Formation of Intermediate Magmas of Mount Baker Volcanic Field, Northern Cascade Arc.  Read and download thesis here:

Mai Sas (2015) - High-Mg Andesites from the Northern Cascade Arc: Using Mineral Chemistry to Distinguish Between Hypotheses for Petrogenesis.  Read and download thesis here: and reprint of American Mineralogist paper here:

Christina Stout (2015) - High-Sr Volcanic Domes from the Lassen Volcanic Region, Southernmost Cascade Arc, Northern California: Implications for Andesite and Dacite Magma Generation. Read and download thesis here: 

Angela Cota (2014) - A geochemical study of the Riddle Peaks Gabbro, north Cascades: evidence for amphibole accumulation in the mid crust of an arc. Read and download thesis here:

Julie Gross (2012) - Felsic magmas from Mt. Baker in the northern Cascade arc: origin and role in andesite production. Read and download thesis here:

Steve Shaw (2011) - H2O contents in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from primitive magmas in the Northern Cascade Arc. Read and download thesis here:

Nicole Moore (2010) - Origin and geochemical evolution of mafic magmas from Mount Baker in the northern Cascade arc, Washington: probes into mantle and crustal processes. Read and download thesis here: and published here:

Troy Baggerman (2010) - The generation of a diverse suite of Late Pleistocene and Holocene basalt through dacite lavas from the northern Cascade arc at mount Baker, Washington. Read and download thesis here:  Published here:

Ben Paulson (2010) - Magmatic Processes in the Jurassic Bonanza Arc: Insights from the Alberni Region of Vancouver Island, Canada. Read and download thesis here: