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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

All chemistry and biochemistry majors are assigned and required to meet with a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor assists students with developing a personalized plan of study to meet their particular needs, career, and educational goals.  Their advisor serves as their primary academic contact point within the Department.  Students will not be officially declared until they meet with their faculty advisor and submit their plan of study.

To officially be assigned a chemistry faculty advisor, students should make an appointment with the program coordinator for advising and fill out forms declaring either a chemistry or biochemistry major.

Requests to declare a major in the Chemistry Department are not processed during registration times.  Declarations and assignment of faculty advisors takes place during intercessions only.  Declaring a major/minor in the Chemistry Department will not solve your registration issues, please plan ahead.

Chemistry Office Staff can also help answer any questions you may have.  We also offer pre-healthcare professions advising, via the Pre-Professional Pathways program, for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Majors in the Chemistry Department often pair their degree program with a minor in Advanced Materials Science.  For recommended course sequencing with programs in the Chemistry Department, review the following document and meet with your faculty advisor to develop a plan for completion. *ASMEC Minor Recommended Schedule for Chemistry Department Majors*

Some other common minors paired with Chemistry Department majors are:

See this "Common Minor Pairings" document for detailed recommended schedules on the above listed minors, paired with the BA-Chemistry major.

Advising Documents For Chemistry & Biochemistry Majors

BA-Chemistry Majors:

BS-Chemistry Majors:

BS-Biochemistry Majors:

Advising Documents for BAE Chemistry + Secondary Majors:

Bachelor of Arts in Education, Secondary Majors Information
Secondary Education Requirements and Recommended Sequence

BAE Degree Programs Scheduling Guide

BA-Chemistry + Secondary:

BAE-Chemistry/Biology, Secondary:

BAE-Chemistry/Mathematics, Secondary:

BAE-Chemistry/Physics, Secondary: