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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Review our Majors Information Forum for information about applying to be a major in the Chemistry Department. All chemistry and biochemistry majors are required to meet with a program coordinator to declare Phase I. Students are then assigned and required to meet with a faculty advisor prior to being officially declared into Phase I. The faculty advisor assists students with developing a personalized plan of study to meet student's particular needs, career, and educational goals.  Faculty advisors serve as students' primary academic contact point within the Department.  Students will not be officially declared until they meet with their faculty advisor and submit their plan of study.

Note: Due to class cancellations the Chemistry Department staff will not be hosting face-to-face meetings. You are still welcome to schedule a meeting time and connect with our advisors via phone, email, zoom, etc. If you have questions or concerns please email or call 360-650-3070.

Click here for Phase I appointments. Questions about the majors, declaring Phase I, and questions about applying to Phase II.

Click here for Phase II appointments. Questions about Phase II, declaring Phase II after admission to major, changing majors in Phase II.

Advising Documents For Chemistry & Biochemistry Majors

BA-Chemistry Majors:

BS-Chemistry Majors:

BS-Biochemistry Majors:

Advising Documents for BAE Chemistry + Secondary Majors:

BAE-Chemistry/Biology, Secondary:

BAE-Chemistry/Mathematics, Secondary:

BAE-Chemistry/Physics, Secondary:

Common minors paired with Chemistry Department majors

See this "Common Minor Pairings" document for detailed recommended schedules on the above listed minors, paired with the BA-Chemistry major.