College of Science & Engineering


The Western Washington University Chemistry Stockroom serves research and teaching laboratories in the Chemistry Department and occasionally assists other departments on campus with their chemical, glassware, and lab supply needs.


Emergencies between 8 AM and 5 PM, call (360) 650-5989.

If no answer, or after hours, call university police (360) 650-3911

or Environmental Health and Safety at (360) 650-3064.



1. When is the stockroom window open? When are rounds conducted?

Monday though Friday, 9 AM - Noon and 1 PM - 5 PM.

2. What if I don't know the official name of an item I'd like to request from the stockroom?
For chemicals, we must have a common or IUPAC name or CAS#, along with information regarding any required purity and the approximate amount needed. For supplies, if you do not know the official name, you can draw a picture (if it has an identifiable shape), or tape one to the request card if small. Otherwise, bring an example or picture of the item to the stockroom window or call in advance for a personal appointment. Catalogue numbers and supplier name is also another way to help us identify the particular supply. Giving the stockroom a chemical formula or structure is not appropriate manner to request chemicals. Common name, IUPAC or CAS number is required.

MSDS diamond3. Where do I find out the hazards and/or appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for a chemical?
On the Material Safety Data Sheet for the chemical.

4. When do I have to get my professor to approve a chemical request?
You must obtain a professor's signature or have them call Gary to approve chemicals used in research that are:

  • Controlled substances (such as Undenatured Ethanol, morphine, etc.)
  • Carcinogens/poisons
  • Large quantities or items that are very expensive

5. How do I know what kind of waste container to use?
Since every waste has its own unique properties, there is no general rule. Your best bet is to contact Gary Carlton 650-3149 to determine and obtain the appropriate waste containers.

6. What types of personal protective equipment (PPE) are available?
During the academic laboratory, nitrile gloves are provided. If needed for some chemicals, additional protective gloves will be provided. Goggles are required in all academic laboratories. They can be purchased at the University Bookstore at a reasonable price. Additionally, more expensive goggles can be purchased in the Chemistry Office.

Research students are provided with nitrile gloves. Lab coats can be checked out from Gary Carlton in the Chemistry Stockroom at no charge but must be returned upon graduation. For chemicals that require gloves other than nitrile, please contact Gary. Students must provide and wear their own safety glasses or goggles appropriate to the task they are conducting. See Department Policies for further details.