Student working inside of a laboratory.Research is a central part a comprehensive education in chemistry and biochemistry.  It enhances teaching and learning, and enriches the experiences of  both students and faculty.

In Chemistry at Western, both undergraduate and masters-level graduate students actively engage in faculty-directed scientific exploration.  We recognize that undergraduate research promotes both student involvement and high academic expectations.  In addition, our masters program provides a supportive environment for students to continue their growth as scientists.

Undergraduate Research Program

The WWU Chemistry Department offers a broad spectrum of research projects for the undergraduate student, beginning as early as the sophomore year. More and more of our graduating seniors leave with not only a degree from the department, but with two or more years experience as a member of a research team made up of both graduate and undergraduate students, led by a faculty member.

Research Photo 1

The undergraduate research student experience often includes presentations of research results at local and/or national professional meetings and appearances as co-authors on professional research publications. It is a unique opportunity to develop skills as a professional chemist/biochemist and is highly valued by both potential employers and graduate schools.