***ATTENTION!! CHEM 121/122/123 will become CHEM 161/162/163 beginning Fall 2018!!***

  • This will not effect any courses already completed at WWU.  
    • If you have completed any portion of General Chemistry as CHEM 121 or CHEM 122, you will be able to continue in CHEM 162 or CHEM 163.
    • If you have satisfied the prerequisites to enroll in CHEM 121, you will still be able to register for CHEM 161.
  • This will not effect your prerequisites for future courses at WWU.  
    • If you have satisfied your course prerequisite with CHEM 121, CHEM 122 or CHEM 123 and the course now requires CHEM 161, CHEM 162 or CHEM 163; you have still satisfied your course prerequisite.
  • This does not change current or previous equivalencies within WA state.
    • CHEM&121 at WA state community colleges is still not equivalent to CHEM 121 at WWU. 
    • CHEM&121 at WA state community colleges is not equivalent to CHEM 161 at WWU.

Information about registration

Check your WWU Student email for registration announcements via Canvas.  If you are not on our Canvas mailing list, please request an invitation by emailing  Students are responsible for knowing and understanding all university and departmental registration policies.

Requests to declare a major in the Chemistry Department are not processed during registration times.  Declarations and assignment of faculty advisors takes place during intercessions only.  Declaring a major/minor in the Chemistry Department will not solve your registration issues, please plan ahead.

If you are looking for information about when registration is happening or when important registration deadlines occur, please click the Important Registration Dates Calendar on the WWU Registrar website.

Chemistry Override Request/Pre-Application Webform:  Use to pre-apply for overrides into CHEM 436, 464, 465 & 474.  Read the instructions and policies very carefully.

Independent Research Credit Permission Form:  Use to request an override for enrollment in Independent Research and Variable Credit Courses for Graduate and Undergraduate students.  Pay close attention to the instructions.

Registration Restrictions:  Many courses are restricted.  These restrictions can be limited by registration date, major department and major status (Phase I vs. Phase II).  Changing your major is not a solution to registration restriction issues and will not allow immediate enrollment in major restricted courses.  Changing your major is a multi-department process and will not be immediately reflected in your student record.

Transfer Equivalencies: If you have chemistry credits from another institution (outside Washington State) please use the Transfer Equivalency Request (webform) to initiate transfer credit review.  In order to determine course equivalencies, a syllabus from each course is required.  Please review the instructions on the form very carefully.  All public institutions in Washington State have already been evaluated for equivalencies.  These outcomes can be viewed online at the Transfer Equivalency Guide on the Admissions website. 

Looking to audit a course?  Here is the Special Student Enrollment form, found on the "Student Forms and Links" page  under the "For Students" menu of Registrar's website.

For detailed Departmental Registration Policies, please see our "Policies and Procedures" tab on this webpage.