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Chemistry Minor

A minor in chemistry requires a student to take the General Chemistry series CHEM 161-163 (previously CHEM 121-123) or CHEM 175, 176, 225, and 15 credits of upper division chemistry electives. Students are eligible to declare a minor in chemistry once they have officially declared a major. Students can declare their chemistry minor by filling out a chemistry minor declaration form or scheduling an appointment with a department advisor.

Note: Students cannot have more than 6 credits of overlap between the chemistry minor and their major. Courses cannot be split for credit to obtain the maximum amount of overlap. 

If you would like to talk to an advisor about the minor's requirements or course options prior to declaring, please schedule an advising appointment.

Note: Due to class cancellations the Chemistry Department staff will not be hosting face-to-face meetings. You are still welcome to schedule a meeting time and connect with our advisors via phone, email, zoom, etc. If you have questions or concerns please email or call 360-650-3070.


Note: Requests to declare a minor in the Chemistry Department are not processed during registration times. Declaring a minor in the Chemistry Department is not immediate and will not solve your registration issues, please plan ahead accordingly.

Chemistry Minor Advising

For students declared Fall 2015 and later

❑ Choose one of the following series:

  •     CHEM 161 - General Chemistry I (CHEM 161 - as of Fall 2018)
  •     CHEM 162 - General Chemistry II (CHEM 162 - as of Fall 2018)
  •     CHEM 163 - General Chemistry III (CHEM 163 - as of Fall 2018)

~ Or ~

  •     CHEM 175 - General Chemistry I, Honors (CHEM 175 - as of Fall 2018)
  •     CHEM 176 - General Chemistry II, Honors (CHEM 176 - as of Fall 2018)
  •     CHEM 225 - General Chemistry III, Honors


❑ 15 credits of upper-division chemistry courses

  •     Up to 6 upper-division credits may overlap and be applied to both the chemistry minor and the student's major degree requirements.

    • Course credits may not be split to equal 6.  Meaning, you may not apply CHEM 351 (4 credits) and 2 credits from CHEM 352 (which is a 4 credit course) to equal 6 credits, in the interest of avoiding overlap, additional course work, etc.

For students declared prior to Fall 2015:

Minors declared prior to Fall 2015 will complete one of three Chemistry Minor Tracks as outlined below.  

Each track includes the General Chemistry Series (CHEM 121/161-123/163)  ~or~   the Honors Chemistry Series (CHEM 125/175, 126/176 & 225):

  • Track A - Physical Chemistry
    • CHEM 461-463 - Physical Chemistry I-III
    • CHEM 333 - Analytical Chemistry 
  • Track B - Organic Chemistry
    • CHEM 351-353 - Organic Chemistry I-III
    • CHEM 354 - Organic Chemistry Lab I
    • CHEM 333 - Analytical Chemistry
  • Track C - Biochemistry
    • CHEM 351-353 - Organic Chemistry I-III
    • CHEM 354 - Organic Chemistry Lab I
    • CHEM 375 - Elements of Biochemistry  ~or~  CHEM 471 - Biochemistry I

For more information on University Graduation Requirements as they pertain to Majors, Minors and how overlap is allowed, please see the catalog edition for the year you declared.