College of Science & Engineering

Declaring Phase I (pre-major status)

If you are planning on majoring in B.S. Biochemistry, B.S. Chemistry, or B.A. Chemistry you can declare a pre-major at any time. In order to declare into Phase I you must meet with an advisor. Click here to create an appointment with Alexi.

What will happen at this meeting?

A Chemistry Advisor will look at your courses completed, enrolled courses, and discuss the Phase II application process. You will also create a plan of study that will fulfill the requirements to complete a degree in your preferred field of study with the advisor. 1-3 days after your meeting with an advisor, you will receive a welcome email connecting you to your faculty advisor. You will need to meet with your assigned faculty advisor to approve your plan of study. After the Chemistry Office receives your approved plan, we will submit your major declaration to the Registrar's Office where you will be officially declared a pre-major. 

This meeting is an excellent time to ask questions about each major offered through the Chemistry Department, what you can do with your degree, what opportunities are open to you as an undergrad studying chemistry at WWU, and what the Phase II application process looks like. 

Let us know if you have any specific questions, concerns, or topics you'd like to cover in this meeting.