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Chemistry Department Request for Minor Evaluation for Graduation

Please fill out the below form to request an evaluation of your Minor for inclusion with your graduation application materials.

Please allow 4 weeks for your request to be processed.

  • One complete, you will receive an email containing your completed and signed evaluation.
  • If you have waited longer than 4 weeks, please send an email to for a status update.

Please be advised, departmental policy for students declaring a Minor in Chemistry prior to Fall 2015 prevents graduation with a minor when more than 50% of minor courses are also included in their declared major.

  • Minors declared prior to Fall 2015 will complete one of three Chemistry Minor Tracks as outlined below.  Each track includes the General Chemistry Series (CHEM 121/161-123/163)  ~or~   the Honors Chemistry Series (CHEM 125/175, 126/176 & 225):
  • Minors declared Fall 2015 and later will complete the following:
    • CHEM 121/161-123/163 - General Chemistry I-III  ~or~  CHEM 125/175, 126/176 & 225 - Honors Chemistry I-III
    • 15 credits of upper-division chemistry courses
      • Up to 6 upper division credits may overlap and be applied to both the chemistry minor and your declared major degree requirements.

For more information please see the Chemistry portion of the WWU Catalog.


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