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CHEM 474 Override Request



Complete this form to request an override to register for CHEM 474 (Biochemistry Laboratory) for Fall 2020 Registration. 

This form is for B.S. Biochemistry Majors and outside majors seeking to enroll in CHEM 474. 

B.S. Biochemistry applicants are prioritized first. B.S. Biochemistry applicants are then prioritized based on their Phase II admittance and graduation date. All other applicants are prioritized after B.S. Biochemistry applicants by graduation date. 

Entries submitted prior to May 12th, 2020 at 5:00pm will be notified of their seat/waitlist allocation prior to Phase I of Registration (May 19th, 2020). 

We will do everything we can to accommodate scheduling preferences, however, we cannot guarantee your top choice will be available. Use the text box at the end of the webform to describe any scheduling issues you may have that will limit your options to only one CRN.

This form will close at Phase II of Registration (August 25th). 

Submission of a pre-application for this course does not guarantee enrollment.

Please direct any questions to 



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