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CHEM 474 Override Application

Submission of a pre-application for this course does not guarantee enrollment. This form is only for CHEM 474 - Biochemistry Laboratory (only offered in Fall).  Do not submit this form for any other course.


  1. Complete all required fields.  This form will not allow your submission unless all required fields are completed.

  2. Only CHEM 474 and ONLY outside majors require a pre-application.  All other courses are subject to the automated university registration/waitlist system. 

  3. Be sure to "Preview" and THEN "Submit" your form.  Your submission will not be received until you click "Submit" after previewing your completed form.  At the bottom of the form, select "Preview," you will then be instructed to "review your submission." The "Submit" button is at the bottom of the preview page.  Once you submit your form, you will be redirected to the confirmation page showing your form is complete.

  4. A completed form does not guarantee enrollment.  You will be notified via email prior to the first day of registration if you are allotted a seat.

  5. Submit only one form per course offering.  Subsequent submissions will replace previous submissions, so if you opt to submit a subsequent form, please be sure your information is complete.

  6. Indicate when you plan to complete CHEM 474.  

  7. Be sure to include the "W" portion of your student identification number.

  8. Use your WWU Student email address.  Outside (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, aol, etc.) email addresses will not be accepted.

  9. Requests to enroll in CHEM 474 for any other quarter than fall will be discarded.

  10. If you are requesting a seat in a course for a quarter that is not yet in ClassFinder and does not have a CRN, please indicate this in the "Requested CRN's" field.  If you cite a scheduling conflict, it will be verified.  For example:  CRN's not yet available for Spring 2017 ~or~ CRN 12345 does not work as it conflicts with my ANTH 101 course on CRN 12354 ~or~ CRN does not fit my work schedule.

  11. Any questions regarding this form, process, or outcome should be directed to the Chemistry Department email box.


Override Request Form Policies 

  1. If you are allocated a seat, you will receive notification and registration instructions via email by the day prior to the beginning of Phase I registration.

  2. If you are allocated to the waitlist, you will receive notification regarding your placement on the waitlist and waitlist options via email by the day prior to the beginning of Phase I registration.

  3. Waitlist notifications for override managed courses will be sent via email to your WWU student email account.  You will not receive any automated system generated emails or text messages from the university registration/waitlist system for override managed courses.  

  4. It is your responsibility to know which courses are override managed.  These courses are identified by an "OV" attribute in ClassFinder and TimeTable.

  5. It is your responsibility to be watching your WWU student email account during registration times.  This includes knowing when those times are.  Registration dates and times can be found on the Registrar's website. 

  6. Applicants are prioritized based on GPA, Phase I-II Major status, and anticipated graduation date.  Submission of pre-application does not guarantee enrollment.

  7. Results of pre-applicant prioritization are not negotiable.  Every effort is made to accommodate as many requests as possible.  Once notifications of seat allotments are issued, the decision is final.


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This field is required. By checking this box, you are certifying that you have read and understand the policies outlined above regarding this process.