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Seminars are usually held on Friday afternoon in room SL 130 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Graduate student seminars are on Fridays in SL 130 or SL 110 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Seminar speakers are available from 2:30 pm until 3:00 pm in CB275 for discussion.  Refreshments are provided 15 minutes prior to the seminar in CB275.

The department strives to offer a diverse and vibrant seminar program. Each year leading researchers from outside the department, as well as faculty and graduate students from Western, present and discuss their cutting-edge research. This is an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to actively participate in the scientific community. In addition, many outside seminar speakers are recruiting graduate students for their respective programs and are eager to discuss their program. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!  

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Fall Quarter 2017

September 29th  @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Who, What, When of Graduate School"
Panel Discussion
October 6th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Light, Electrons, and Protons: Lessons from Model Systems and Potentials for Photocatalysis"
Professor Jahan Dawlaty
Chemistry Dept.
University of Southern California
The inspiration for this talk comes from the photoelectrochemical interface, which is a place rich with unknowns and unrealized potential. Electrons are excited by light either in the electrode or in the adsorbed molecules, charges traverse the electrode-electrolyte interface, protons flow from the bulk to complete redox reactions, and interfacial electric fields develop to balance chemical potential differences between the opposing phases. In this talk, the complex chemistry at the interface will be used as a point of reference to motivate several chemical dynamics studies in small molecules, solids, and interfaces with the goal of generating new directions and ideas for understanding and driving reactions. New concepts that will be discussed are basicity in the excited state, solvation near an interface, electronic-vibrational dynamics in a solid made of a redox couple, and influencing proton conductivity with light. Several avenues on how to use this knowledge will be proposed.
October 13th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Design and Synthesis of Natural Product Inspired Enzyme Inhibitors"
Professor Gregory O'Neil
Chemistry Dept.
Western Washington University
October 20th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Sortase-Mediated Ligations for Building Modified Proteins"
Professor John Antos
Chemistry Dept.
Western Washington University
October 27th @ 3:15 in SL 130
November 3rd @ 3:00 in CF 110
November 17th @ 3:15 in SL 130
December 1st @ 5:00 in CF 023
December 8th @ 3:15 in SL 130

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