Seminar Schedule

Seminars are usually held on Friday afternoon in room SL 130 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Graduate student seminars are on Fridays in SL 130 or SL 110 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Seminar speakers are available from 2:30 pm until 3:00 pm in CB275 for discussion.  Refreshments are provided 15 minutes prior to the seminar in CB275.

The department strives to offer a diverse and vibrant seminar program. Each year leading researchers from outside the department, as well as faculty and graduate students from Western, present and discuss their cutting-edge research. This is an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to actively participate in the scientific community. In addition, many outside seminar speakers are recruiting graduate students for their respective programs and are eager to discuss their program. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!  

Spring Quarter 2017
March 31st  @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Transition Metal Complexes for N2 Reduction and NH3 Oxidation: Strategies for Making and Breaking N≡N and N-H Bonds"
Dr. Michael Mock
Pacific Northwest National Lab
April 7th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Catalytic Hydroacylation and Carboacylation of Olefins: A Platform for Synthesis of Heterocyclic and Carbocyclic Ketones "
Prof. Levi Stanley
Iowa State University
April 14th @ 3:15 in SL 130
“College to Career:  A Panel Discussion with Recent WWU Chemistry and Biochemistry Alumni”
Chem Club WWU
April 21st @ 3:15 in SL 130
“Lasers, Electrodes and Silk: Methods for Designing and Fabricating Silk-Based Electronics and Actuators”
Nicholas Ostrovsky-Snider
WWU Thesis Defense
April 28th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Understanding cooperativity through the activation of strong bonds by multimetallic compounds"
Prof. Leslie Murray
University of Florida
May 2nd @ 3:00 in CF 110
"A Theoretical and Experimental Study into the Kinetics of Solution Phase Thin Film Deposition"
Cyrus Schaaf
WWU Thesis Defense
May 5th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Dissemination of Writing-to-Learn in STEM"
Prof. Ginger Schultz
University of Michigan
May 11th @ 5:00 in CF 023
"Probing the catalytic properties of Ni-based bimetallic phosphides for deep hydrodesulfurization"
Peter Topalian 
WWU Thesis Defense
May 12th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Catalysis, Mechanistic Understanding and Collaboration as Tools to Sustainable Production of Chemicals and Fuels"
Prof. Karen Goldberg
University of Washington
May 19th @ 4:00 in SL 150
Scholars Week
Richmond Sarpong
UC Berkeley
May 26th @ 3:15 in SL 130
Keenan Komoto
WWU Thesis Defense
June 2nd @ 3:00 in SL130
Chemistry Department Awards 
Congratulations to all our graduates!
Reception to follow at approx. 4:00-5:30pm in Morse Hall Lobby and CB275
Saturday, June 10th 
Chemistry Commencement Reception 
Graduating students, their family, and their friends are cordially invited to attend the
Chemistry Department’s Annual Post-Commencement Reception.
The reception will start immediately after the traditional "Memory Walk" (~5:30 pm).
Join fellow alumni, faculty, and staff in celebrating this wonderful day!
No R.S.V.P. required.
Class photograph on the "Log Ramps" at ~ 6:00 pm.


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