Seminar Schedule

Seminars are usually held on Friday afternoon in room SL SL 130 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Graduate student seminars are on Fridays in SL 130 or SL 110 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Seminar speakers are available from 2:30 pm until 3:00 pm in CB275 for discussion.  Refreshments are provided 15 minutes prior to the seminar in CB275.

The department strives to offer a diverse and vibrant seminar program. Each year leading researchers from outside the department, as well as faculty and graduate students from Western, present and discuss their cutting-edge research. This is an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to actively participate in the scientific community. In addition, many outside seminar speakers are recruiting graduate students for their respective programs and are eager to discuss their program. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!  

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Spring Quarter 2019

April 5th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"College-toCareer Discussion Panel"
April 12th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Chemical biology tools to perceive and perturb carbohydrates in living systems."
Dr. David Vocadlo​
Department of Chemistry
Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Co-Director of the Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology (HTCB)
Canada Research Chair in Chemical Biology
Simon Fraser University
April 19th @ 3:15 in SL 130
“Synthetic Studies on Guaipyridine Alkaloids”
Dr. James Vyvyan
Department of Chemistry
Western Washington University
Guaipyridines are a small family of natural products with a seven-membered carbocycle fused to a 6-methylpyridine core.  One member of the family, cananodine, is reported to have activity against liver cancer.  Our group has developed two synthetic approaches to the guaipyridine skeleton. The first strategy used an epoxide opening reaction to form the seven membered ring. The current approach uses an intramolecular Heck reaction to form the ring.  Syntheses of cananodine, rupestine G and rupestine D will be presented.
April 26th @ 3:15 in SL 130
“Natural and engineered tandem repeat proteins: structure, mechanism and applications”
Dr. Barry Stoddard
Structural Biologist
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
May 3rd @ 3:15 in SL 130
Dr. Michael Grünwald
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Utah
May 10th @ 3:15 in SL 130
Dr. Alexandra Velian
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Washington
May 17th @ TBD in BI 234
Scholar's Week Chemistry Keynote Speaker
Dr. Charlie Sykes
Department of Chemistry
Tufts University
May 20th @ 3:00 in SL 110
Cooper Vincent
Master's Thesis Defense
Chemistry Department
Western Washington University
May 23rd @ 3:00 in SL 130
Alyson Silva
Master's Thesis Defense
Chemistry Department
Western Washington University
May 24th @ 3:15 in SL 130
Dr. Jesse Zalatan
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Washington
May 31st @ 3:15 in SL 130
June 7th @ TBD in TBD
Chemistry Department Scholarship and Awards Ceremony


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