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Seminars are usually held on Friday afternoon in room SL SL 130 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Graduate student seminars are on Fridays in SL 130 at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Refreshments are provided 15 minutes prior to the seminar in CB275, except during Summer Quarter.

The department strives to offer a diverse and vibrant seminar program. Each year leading researchers from outside the department, as well as faculty and graduate students from Western, present and discuss their cutting-edge research. This is an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to actively participate in the scientific community. In addition, many outside seminar speakers are recruiting graduate students for their respective programs and are eager to discuss their program. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!  

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Winter Quarter 2020

January 10th @ 3:15 in SL 130
Summer Research
Chemistry Club
January 17th @ 3:15 in SL 130
Dr. Grace Stokes
Assistant Professor
Santa Clara University
January 24th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Polymerization as allosteric regulator: cryo-EM studies of enzyme filaments"
Dr. Justin Kollman
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
University of Washington
January 30th @ 3:15 in SL 120
Analytical Faculty Candidate - "Analytical and Modeling Approaches to Understanding Petroleum Weathering in the Environment"
January 31st @ 3:15 in SL 130
"RNA-mediated mechanisms of gene regulation"
Dr. Sarah Keane
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics
University of Michigan
Student Q&A Session in CB 275 2-3:00PM
February 4th @ 3:15 in CF 120
Analytical Faculty Candidate - “Chemical Insight to Materials Synthesis From Quantum Dots to Covalent Adaptable Networks”
February 7th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"What can ultrafast laser spectoscopy tell us about the functional state of an RNA cutting enzyme?"
Dr. Rodrigo Noriega
Assistant Professor
University of Utah
Student Q&A Session in CB 275 2-3:00PM 
February 14th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Targeting Ubiquitin Ligases: Hormones, Metabolites, and Therapeutic Drugs"
Dr. Ning Zheng
University of Washington
February 21st @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Glycan Tailoring Enhances Immune Recognition of the HIV-1 CD4-Binding Site."
Andrew Borst, PhD
February 25th @ 4:00 in SL 110
"The Future of Food: How will chemists change the way we eat?"
ACS Webinar
Hosted by WEsTeRn CHeM CLuB
February 28th @ 3:15 in SL 130
"Adventures in sequence-function space."
Dr. Janine Copp
Research Associate
Michael Smith Laboratories and the University of British Columbia
March 6th @ 3:15 in SMATE Library (SL 220)
Building Equity and Community in Chemistry Workshop
March 11th @ 2:00 in SL 130 - Cancelled
“Organic Molecular Crystal Engineering via Organic-Vapor-Liquid-Solid Deposition”
Griffin Reed
Masters of Science Candidate
Thesis Defense
March 13th Cancelled


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