Chemical Ordering

After Hours or Self-Check-out of Stockroom Items

Blank Cards are located in the top left drawer below the computer, labeled "Request Cards"


Blue cards are for chemicals used in academic labs.
Yellow cards are for chemicals used in research labs.

  1. Fill out card completely = everything that's not inside a stockroom box Record the bottle number, CAS number, and shelf number as shown on the bottle (leave blank if not on bottle)
  2. Record today's date as the "issued date" in the "Stockroom Only" box
  3. Weigh the bottle on the scale and record the weight on the "issued gross weight" line in the "Stockroom Only" box
  4. Put the card in the little green bin.


Use orange cards.

  1. Fill out completely including course number and/or research group, your name, and the date.
  2. Record the quantity and type of items you are taking. Please provide enough detail so that most anyone could figure out exactly what you took.
  3. Put the card in the little green bin.

If you don't find what you're looking for:

  1. Write the item on the white board as you leave through the main door (nearest Lorraine's office)
  2. If you want the item found, ordered, and/or delivered to you, write your name after the item and Lorraine will call you or have it delivered as soon as possible.
  3. Feel free to leave other notes, suggestions, or comments on the white board as well. It will be checked several times a day.


Thank you so much! When you take the extra 30 seconds to fill out these cards you could be saving me HOURS of wasted time. Thanks for your cooperation and suggestions.