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Three people wearing safety glasses look at a computer monitor

Safety Information

In order for students to participate in a laboratory sections, they must pass the appropriate on-line safety quiz (listed below), during its scheduled times (see course syllabus). If they do not successfully pass the quiz, they will receive a failing grade for the course or be required to drop themselves from the respective course. Students must drop the course themselves via Web4U or in person at the Registrar's office.  This is not an automatic process.  Students that do not drop themselves will receive a failing grade.

**The required passing score on the quiz starts at 80% and increases as the final deadline approaches.

Students are strongly encouraged to review the safety information before taking the quiz the first time.  The quiz can be taken using the Chemistry Department Computer lab located in CB280 or from any personal computer with internet access.  Dial-up access from home will be slower.


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Analytical & Honors Chemistry Laboratory


Physical, Instrumental & Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory


Organic Chemistry Laboratory


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