College of Science & Engineering


Undergraduate Research

The Biology Department encourages students to participate in research activities during their undergraduate studies. Research experience is valuable on many levels: it adds to your college experience; teaches you how scientists apply biological knowledge to real world questions; introduces you to cutting edge scientific questions and techniques; it can enhance your resume when applying to graduate or professional schools; and finally it allows you to determine if a career in science is right for you. Participation in research can lead to presentations of research results at local or regional scientific meetings or co-authorship on professional research publications.

Research opportunities in the Biology Department are available to students who have been admitted to Phase II of the major. Students who are in Phase I should focus on the completion of the general chemistry and introductory biology series; however, you can also use this time to explore the type of biological research being conducted at Western and talk to your professors about their interests and experiences.

The majority of undergraduate students earn university credit for participating in research and the department currently offers three levels of research courses for undergraduates - BIOL 395, 494 and 495.