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Skagit Valley Herald features Dr. Robin Kodner, "Hikers help WWU biologist collect, study watermelon snow"

"Western Washington University biology professor Robin Kodner is researching watermelon snow in the North Cascades, and asking citizen scientists to help collect samples through the North Cascades National Park Complex’s BioBlitz program." Read the entire article, here.

Dr. Merrill Peterson featured in NY Times Article, "The Great Giant Flea Hunt"

"In the Pacific Northwest, we live among behemoths — snowcapped volcanoes, towering trees, great splashing salmon and lattes as big as a child’s head. Yet one of the region’s undeniably superlative titans has slipped beneath everyone’s radar. The land of Bigfoot and Starbucks is also home to the world’s largest flea. The flea, Hystrichopsylla schefferi, is an awe-inspiring colossus that can reach nearly half an inch, its head alone the size of a cat or dog flea. Until last month, however, there existed not a single confirmed photograph of a live member of the species." Continue reading here.

Anderson's Field Research Course Highlighted by Oregon TV show

Professor Roger Anderson's annual summer courses, Ecological Methods and Research in Reptile Ecology (BIOL 408 and 409) is featured as part of the Oregon Public Broadcasting Station'sOregon Field Guide video series. Watch it here! (Last 1/3 of the episode.)

Western's Insect Collection 2nd Largest in State

Dr. Merrill Peterson, professor of biology and curator of Western's insection collection, oversees a collection of tens of thousands of insects. Read more here.

Bio/Anth Student, Emily Boerger, Named GNAC Academic All-Star

Emily Boerger, middle blocker for the WWU volleyball team and a Biology/Anthropology major, was named to the 2013 Great Northwest Athletic Conference Academic All-Stars. This is the third time Emily has been recognized.

Dr. Benjamin Miner Researching Sea Star Wasting Disease

Benjamin Miner, Associate Professor of Biology at WWU, along with geneticist, Ian Hewson, Cornell University, will be exploring Sea Star Wasting Disease along the west coast. Click here or here for more information. Dr. Miner was interviewed on PBS News Hour about this mysterious Pacific Coast epidemic.

Paul J. Olscamp Research Award Given to Biology's Dr. David Hooper

David Hooper, Professor of Biology, was one of six faculty honored with awards for the 2012-13 academic year. The Paul J. Olscamp award is presented annually to a WWU faculty member having made an outstanding contribution to research. To read more about the award and Dr. Hooper's research, click here.

Kodner Distinguished by CIIA's Innovative Teaching Showcase

The 2012-13 Innovativative Teaching Showcase, themed Teaching Civic Engagement, featured three WWU faculty - including Dr. Robin Kodner, - who have "re-envisioned what it means to help students be active citizens engaged in their communities and in their learning in a variety of ways." To learn more about Dr. Kodner's innovative approach to teaching, click here.

Peterson & Otto Contribution

Drs. Merrill Peterson and Joann Otto have made a contribution to the book, A Treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea (Coleoptera) Their classifications, distributions, and ways of life, Volume III (Carabidae-Loxomeriformes, Melaeniformes) by Terry L. Erwin.

[Zacotus matthewsii LeConte] Dr. Otto found the beetle on San Juan Island, WA and Dr. Peterson identified and photographed the living beetle, Zacotus matthewsii LeConte. The image is featured on Plate 65 of the publication.

Anderson's Lizard Photograph in ScienceShot

Dr. Roger Anderson's Florida scrub lizard photograph in recent ScienceShot article.