College of Science & Engineering

Meet with an Advisor

Finding your Advisor

At the time of declaration, Phase I and Phase II biology majors are assigned to a faculty advisor within the department based on their intended emphasis or interest and are notified via email. If you are unsure who your advisor is, you can find out via your "Student Record" on Web4U. You may also contact the biology department office and our front desk staff may be able to locate this information for you.

Scheduling an Advising Appointment

Faculty advising appointments are scheduled directly with the faculty advisor and not through the department's main office. The most effective way to reach your faculty advisor is to request an appointment via email. Contact information for all departmental personnel is available on our Directories page. In your email, make sure to provide the days and times you are available as well as your W# so that your advisor may review your academic history prior to your meeting. Some faculty host scheduled drop in advising sessions and/or may offer advising during their office hours. It is important to be aware that faculty try to be as accessible to their advisees as possible, but that some appointments may need to be scheduled up to a week or two in advance.

Be Prepared

When meeting with your faculty advisor, it is very important to arrive prepared. You should have a working copy of your Degree Works Worksheet for your intended biology program so that you and your advisor may evaluate your progress, track your time to graduation, and/or draft course schedules prior to registration. Course requirements for all biology programs are available here.