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BIOL 498 Webform

Biology Teaching Practicum (1-4 cr.; repeatable to 4 cr. total)

BIOL 498 is for students to apply their knowledge and develop their scientific communication skills through working as an undergraduate assistant in laboratory courses.

You must be in Phase II of the biology major to serve as an undergraduate TA.

Please complete this form after you and the Biology instructor of the course you wish to TA have discussed the day/time of the lab you will TA.

An override for BIOL 498 will be entered and you will be given the CRN to use for registration after the instructor has approved your participation and forwarded your request to the Biology Department office. For BIOL 101 and 348 the course overrides will come directly from the instructors. 

You may register for 2 credits if serving as a TA for a 200 or 300-level course, and 1 credit for each Biol 101 section.

Failure to add this course by the end of Phase III Registration will result in the assessment of a late registration fee by the Registrar’s office.


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Access Denied:

You must communicate with an instructor to inquire whether or not there are open spots available in your preferred lab time prior to filling out this form. Once the course instructor has shown interest in your participation, please return to this form to request an override.