College of Science & Engineering

Early Phase II

Early Advancement to Phase II

Students who are declared Phase I biology majors and who are currently enrolled in BIOL 206 may be advanced to Phase II prior to the end of the quarter if a certain set of criteria is met. Advancing to Phase II early will facilitate a smoother transition by allowing students to register for upper-level biology courses during their registration window.
To qualify for early advancement, a student must attend a Phase II Advising Workshop, have a combined GPA of at least 3.0 in CHEM 161, 162, 163, BIOL 204, and 205, AND the student must also hold at least a B grade in BIOL 206 at the time grades are pulled for evaluation. Instructors are asked to provide current grades during the week before registration begins. Students who are retaking a course in an effort to become eligible for Phase II will not be evaluated for early advancement. 
The department will automatically evaluate all Phase I majors enrolled in BIOL 206 for early advancement the week prior to registration. If you are advanced, you will receive notification via email during the week preceding the start of registration. Students who do not meet early advancement criteria will receive no notification and must wait until after final grades are posted for access to upper division biology courses.