Biology Majors

The Biology Department offers a broad-based curriculum with the opportunity for undergraduates to explore specific areas of biology in greater depth through upper-division courses. The department offers both BA and BS degree programs, and students can choose to pursue areas of emphasis in Cell Biology, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology, Secondary Education, or Marine Biology. We also have developed several interdisciplinary majors in conjunction with Anthropology, Biochemistry, Mathematics and Psychology departments. 


Biology Degree Programs

Biology Majors
Degree Checklists
Specific Areas of Study

BA Biology


 General BA Emphasis - Checklist

This degree program offers various options for upper-level coursework.

BS Biology – Molecular and Cell Emphasis

100 -106

 MCB Emphasis - Checklist

This major focuses on the biochemistry, cell biology, molecular genetics and genomics of prokaryotic and eukaryotic model organisms.

BS Biology – Ecology, Evolution, Organismal Biology Emphasis


 EEO Emphasis - Checklist

The structure, function, ecology and evolution of organisms, with an emphasis on plants and animals

BS Biology – General Emphasis


 General BS Emphasis - Checklist

This degree program allows students to develop an upper-division curriculum with the help of their faculty advisor.

BS Biology – Marine Emphasis


 Marine Emphasis - Checklist

The structure and function of marine organisms and their relationship with the environment

BS Biology – Secondary Teaching Emphasis


 Secondary Teaching Emphasis - Checklist

A broad biology curriculum that prepares students for a teaching endorsement in Biology. Must be accompanied by a teacher preparation program.

Combined Majors
Degree Checklists
Specific Areas of Study

BA Biology/Anthropology


 Biology/Anthropology BA - Checklist

Human biology focus that includes behavioral science for students who want to pursue post-baccalaureate degrees in research or applied health

BS Biology/Anthropology


 Biology/Anthropology BS - Checklist

BS Biology/Mathematics


 Biology/Mathematics BS - Checklist

Combined major brings together a core knowledge of biology with linear algebra, advanced calculus, and methods of computer programming and mathematical modeling