Apply for Graduation

How to Apply for Graduation

Students should begin the process of applying for graduation a minimum of two quarters before their anticipated graduation date. This will allow the student to successfully meet the priority application deadline and will also provide the student with enough time to make any necessary modifications due to unforseen circumstances, overlooked requirements, and/or scheduling conflicts. You should allow for at least 2-3 weeks to complete the departmental approval process.
  1. Visit the Registrar and review the degree application requirements and application deadlines. Note: "Major Evaluation for Graduation" forms are available via the Biology Department. You submit one of our checklists as substitute for the Registrar's universal major evaluation. You do NOT need to complete both forms.
  2. Complete the degree checklist for your declared biology emphasis to the best of your ability and schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor to review. During your meeting, your faculty advisor will indicate his/her approval of your graduation plan with their signature at the bottom of the form. Your final draft should be completed in INK.
  3. Submit your signed checklist to the Biology Department Office (BI 315) with a print out of your WEB4U Degree Evaluation for final review by the Department Chair. When your checklist has been approved, you will receive an email notification to pick up your checklist and submit it to the Registrar along with your other degree application materials.

Degree Checklists

The degree checklists are available online under our Programs tab, or on our information wall located in the Biology Department Office (BI 315)

Course Substitution or Waiver

If a course substitution has been made for coursework listed on your approved major evaluation, you must complete a Course Substitution Approval Form for the Registrar's permanent records. The form must be signed by the Department Chair before submission to the Registrar.
If you have not yet submitted a major evaluation for approval, you should simply list the course subsitution and/or waiver directly on your degree checklist where indicated. If you are not certain whether a course substitution form is necessary, you should contact the Department Office.