College of Science & Engineering

Apply for Graduation

How to Apply for Graduation

It is recommended that students should begin the process of applying for graduation a minimum of two quarters before their anticipated graduation date. This will allow the student to successfully meet the priority application deadline and will also provide the student with enough time to make any necessary modifications due to unforseen circumstances, overlooked requirements, and/or scheduling conflicts. 
  1. Visit the Registrar's webpage and review the degree application requirements, application deadlines, and to complete the degree application. The Biology Department utilizes the Degree Works Look Ahead report in lieu of the"Major Evaluation for Graduation" forms included within the application packet for your degree. You submit the Degree Works Look Ahead report as a substitute for the Registrar's universal major evaluation. You do NOT need to complete both forms.
  2. Review your Degree Works Worksheet to identify outstanding major requirements. We strongly encourage you to schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor to review your Degree Works Worksheet and to formulate a course plan to meet the remaining requirements for your chosen biology emphasis. The "What if" tool in Degree Works may also be helpful if you are considering changing your emphasis before graduation.  
  3. Complete a Degree Works Look Ahead report and request a meeting with your faculty advisor to sign off on the major block indicating his/her approval for graduation. The Look Ahead report must include all completed courses AND all courses that you plan to complete prior to graduation. In other words, your Look Ahead report should show that every requirement for your major has (or will be) successfully completed. Note: If you are requesting a course substitution or waiver for coursework listed on your Degree Works Worksheet you must get Department Chair approval. See Course Substitution or Waiver section below.
  4. Submit your signed Degree Works Look Ahead form (and approved Degree Works Exception Approval Form if required) along with the rest of your Degree Application to the Registrar's Office. If no course substitutions or waivers were made, a faculty advisor signature on the Look Ahead form is sufficient and no additional departmental approval needs to be made. Departmental approval via the Department Chair is only needed if a course exception or waiver is made.

Degree Works 

Degree Works is an academic planning and degree process tool that reflects your academic progress towards the completion of your program of study at Western. Degree Works is designed to help you track degree progress and know which courses to take to plan your path to graduation. Instructions for students about how to access Degree Works and use the Look Ahead feature are available, here.

Course Substitution or Waiver

Any exceptions, substitutions or waivers of program requirements must be approved by your faculty advisor and the Biology Department Chair via the Degree Works Exception Approval Form. The form submission will be sent directly to your faculty advisor for approval.