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College of Science & Engineering

Scholarship Opportunities


Western Washington University offers many scholarships for students in many disciplines. Visit the Scholarship Center for information on WWU's scholarships.


AMSEC Scholarships

Through AMSEC, the College of Science and Engineering awards the Kaiser-Borsari Scholarship for Women in Materials Science. A $5000 scholarship is awarded to a female undergraduate student majoring in a science or engineering discipline and conducting research in materials science under the direction of an AMSEC faculty member.

AMSEC recognizes these Kaiser-Borsari Scholarship recipients:

2019-2021 No award available
2018-2019 Recipient MacKenzie Jewell, Physics Major
2017-2018 Recipient
Amy Morren, Chemistry Major
2016-2017 Recipient
Zoe Pollard, Math Major
2015-2016 Recipient
Carly Klemke, Physics Major
2014-2015 Recipient
Diane Perez, Chemistry and Spanish Major
2013-2014 Recipient
Andrea d'Aquino, Chemistry Major
2012-2013 Recipient
Kelsey Scharnhorst, Chemistry Major
2011-2012 Recipient
April Fogel, Plastics Engineering Technology Major
2010-2011 Recipient
Isabella Romero, Chemistry Major
2009-2010 Recipient
Hannah Halliday, Chemistry Major
2008-2009 Recipient
Karla Slenkamp, Chemistry Major
2007-2008 Recipient
Erin Gleason, Chemistry Major