College of Science & Engineering

AMSEC Alumni

We are proud of you!

Students who complete the Materials Science Minor stay in touch with our faculty and keep us posted on their career and educational advancements.

AMSEC alums have scattered across the US as seen below.

a map of the US with landmarks. Most are in the pacific northwest with a few in Los Angeles and some scattered across the midwest, south and east coast

We are pleased that our students are gainfully employed in their field or are currently studying in a graduate program.

A bar graph titled Employment and Further Education. The values are: 30 - working in field, 4 - searching for work, 24 - graduate school, and 3 - unknown

The majority of students who pursue graduate study are working toward a PhD in materials science or a related discipline.

a bar graph labeled Graduate Studies. The values are: 2 - phd completed, 15 - phd in progress, 9 - masters completed, and 4 - masters in progress